The Single Name, Chanel

Breathing in and out, the smoke from a cigarette
She was holding between her two fingers,
Chanel was looking over an invisible line.

Walking in and out, the models in Chanel designs
They were flawless in jersey and tweed,
Dressed and decorated by what were made by others.

Looking in and out, the audience chez Chanel
They were the people of the money in fuss,
Their feathers and laces and corsets taken away.

Chanel put off her incompletely used up cigarette,
Lifted her body off from the wall.

Models lined up, waiting for the signals to be given,
They posed for the world to see.

The audience focused their eyes on the single door
Through which the innovations of the century would be shown.

Cameras were raised, the stage got excited.
The models were finally walking on the runway.
The front rows were filled with glamour.

People clapped and flashes popped,
but Chanel –
She leaned her arms back on the wall,
Gazing over the moments of her lives…

That started from an orphanage,
progressed through a lost love and a launched brand,
Chanel had those eyes
That searched through the single name, Chanel.


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