An Axis of Rotation

As a second passes by
A molecule of a river is replaced.
As a day goes by
A number on a calendar changes.
As a season goes by
A different breeze goes through my sleeves.
As a year goes on
I change by an age.
I should have realized
You also change
By a second, a day, a season, a year.
They say time changes it all
But really it is the people living in it that change.
The time is not to blame.
Remember the days I was worrying
How time may challenge where our hearts shall bent
You were too confident to tell me
If there is a will there is a way.
You sounded too assured –
Yes, too secure.
The deep night sky spreads in front of me
But again, every second,
I’m seeing a different sky, another constellation.
Irresistibly, I simply stare.
A silent prayer wades through the night
Hoping to be a firm axis of rotation
That shall pin down on the earth with its graceful weight.

3 thoughts on “An Axis of Rotation

  1. We are forced by the trials and tribulations we confront every moment in life to change so that we better adapt to the situation change and live well, if that is the right word to use here. Plain "Law of Natural Selection" that makes us be that way. I agree that it's sometimes sad, but again, maybe that's the way it is and is supposed to be.

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