A Morning Of The Winter Version

The storekeeper arrives.
In this silence of warm crystal morning
A key unlocks a store door
Struggling through everything absolutely frozen
With only a small sound of cling.
When the door is flung opened
There’s a sound of the bells.
That is how the awe of last night
Is shattered into pieces of light.
And then I see another world of
What was tomorrow of yesterday.
The unmoving air
Make trees stay even darker.
Birds constantly sing,
But without flapping their wings.
In this vacuumed atmosphere
The sun rays penetrate through every sound molecule
And glorify the gleam to the new extremes.
And then I stay silent;
I do not wish to shatter further
The already cracked moment.
With a blow of a breath
I could make a butterfly fly.
I let the touch of my finger tip
Wake the dormant leaf.

4 thoughts on “A Morning Of The Winter Version

  1. Impressive. The depiction of the brisk, everyday moment in life and how you embodied meaning upon that very moment, I found appealing.By the way how did you come up with 'Sound molecules'?

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