Blind, Blind Not

The mass of that light I see
Rather light or grave,
That is not exactly a matter to me.
In the infinite darkness
I could make a use of it –
It becomes a very delightful thing, in that case.
Oh, man, you see the inside
Of her topless naked body.
You are striving to see
And be pleased to see it
And be thanking god for giving you the sight.
But, no.
You don’t even have the light I’d have used
In the infinite darkness of the fearing echos.
Is it so simple to come across
The one thing your wife should have told you.
Humans are too stupid to remember
Anything they heard what not to do.
But see that shameless blind.
His hands always searching for the right path;
Trying harder than any of the blessed who can see
That is how he lives a life.
Away from the world’s sins.
That one dreadful stick,
One onerous cry of a prostitute,
An early smoke from a funeral place.
He touches by and walks through.
I gather my hands for a prayer.

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