A Question For You To Answer

I am afraid that I may lose it.

The speed that the rain falls from the above

Accelerated by the number 9.8

I could clash and burn

But what would be next?

The feather I once sensed

The moment the touch lingered upon my finger tips

I could just smell it all right.

I keep scratching and scratching

Until a bit of blood focuses on my skin.

I see the red, I block it with a piece of tissue.

It seems to stop for few seconds

Then start coming out again.

Why do I scratch, I do not remember.

Something about the rain,

Something about the feather.

I could start reaching for a million subjects.

Something about searching.

And then again,

I was fearful of losing it,

Of the possibility of losing it,

But then again,

Mainly, of losing it.

A little too sad,

A little too fast,


A little too scared.

I am losing it.

At least

That is what it seems to be.

Am I still scratching

Am I still searching

Let me ask that to you


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