He Proved God True

When it rains too hard, you feel too low.

Your sac is too heavy, you can barely keep it up.

The world goes in and then it goes back out.

People come, and then they go for sure.

The air becomes too tight, you can barely breathe.

You settle a boat and then it goes wrong.

You sing a song and then start sounding shaky.

The Bible taught me that

While there are so many creations of God

That make you breathe harder and deeper

There are also creations from God

That make everything much smoother.

I asked God

God why do all that I am living for

Make me ache all the more.

God simply answered

Wait, my dear, you will see the Bible through.

And then God elaborated.

Shall it rain too hard, he will offer you an umbrella.

Shall your sac be too heavy, he will keep it up for you.

Shall the world go in and out, he will stay in for good.

Shall people come and go, he will attach himself to you.

Shall the air become too tight, he will blow more air for your breath.

Shall you settle a boat and it breaks, he will fix for it to float.

Shall you sing a song and sound weird,

He will know the notes that you can work on.

I was simply living my life

And one day, somewhere in between

I found a person who proved God true.


3 thoughts on “He Proved God True

  1. What a TRUTH above all other TRUTHS. Beautiful poem and expression of God's love for you. =) Thank you, I needed to read that. Life giving words they are~ *To God, you are the most precious, the most beatiful, the most special. He even gave up His life for you because that's just how valuable you are to Him. Wow~!

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