The Queen

The queen had a white face

With red lips, drawing the attention

Of the millions that cried out there.

The queen never let a drop of tear erase

Her dignified powder off her face.

The queen sat on the golden chair

And her beauty were coined with diamonds.

She had them on her body

To poke her heart through the invisible blood.

The queen stood there, silent

As if the cries of the people were reflected back.

She had the crown, she had the diamond-

She had the utmost freeze upon her aura.

The queen was always straight up

She had abundant diamonds, to twine her beauty

As to bruise her inside endlessly without mercy.

The queen dutifully wore the crown

In a way that no one could dare to touch

With absolute dignity and sorrowful nostalgia

Of the once peaceful heart, that she had in her youth.

When the queen went down

She felt the endless pain

But she never cried it out

For that was all that she ever knew.

And that – that silent tear finally fell

When she finally let her bear face be shown

As she took the last breath to say

“I am the queen to never fade”

Then her diamonds broke opened

For the final writhe, that even the queen had to struggle for.


4 thoughts on “The Queen

  1. Just remembered what I wanted to say yesterday-I'm so glad that you are working on your poems continuously haha it's amazing! Your poems seem to get just better and better (not that I know much about it ;;)! Keep it up!

  2. Nice to see you writing for the sake of writing Celine. The Fenestella is in good hands. I like this one. Even though it's about a "queen" it feels like it's about anyone who assumes a powerful role and therefore has to face the masses without showing human weakness. Hilary or even Obama might identify. Good stuff. See you next week.

  3. Thank you Mr Garrioch! By the way I am worried about Fenestella SO MUCH.hee gu sunbae won't answer me when I ask him about it!!!!! We've seriously gotto do something :(anyways, thank you and yes, see you next week!!

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